EHW Hot Water Pressure Washer

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  • Up to 4.2 GPM; Up to 3000 PSI
  • Stainless Steel Coil
  • No Open Flame or Combustible Fuel
  • Belt-Drive Pump with 7-Year Warranty

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The EHW is the ideal hot water pressure washer for in-plant cleaning. It creates instant hot water without an open flame, combustible fuel, or hazardous fumes so it can be installed under a stairway or even inside a closet. And the EHW’s standard time delay shutdown feature automatically turns the unit off if the gun is left in shutoff mode. The operator can adjust delay from 2 to 10 minutes.

QUALITY: The EHW is built in our ISO-9001 quality certified factory and is packed with quality throughout, such as a heating coil made of stainless steel tubing, a rugged Baldor motor and an industrial-duty pump, with 7‑year warranty. The pump is connected to the motor by a rugged cast-iron pulley assembly. The pressure washer is enclosed in a stainless steel cabinet and mounted on a stainless steel power platform supported by four vibration isolators, which minimize stress on the frame and extend the life of the equipment.

FUNCTIONALITY: The EHW features a low-maintenance design for heating water under pressure. The heating coil is submerged in a tank filled with a water solution formulated for maximum heat transfer. A layer of oil sets on the surface of the solution for heat retention and to prevent evaporation. Each of the EHW’s nine heating elements are protected in an incoloy alloy sheath for extended life and do not make contact with the pressurized water minimizing scale buildup.

SAFETY: The EHW is certified to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards with many safety features such as 24-inch hose guard for burst protection, time delay shutdown to prevent damage from operator neglect and tri-lingual or illustrated warning labels and operating instructions for owner liability protection.